I’ve always loved puzzles. Mystery, intrigue, figuring out the answer, creating order out of chaos. Particularly in adulthood I’ve become a fan of jigsaw puzzles. And for a long time, the harder the better. The largest one I’ve done so far is 4000 pieces. I have a 9000 piece one that I have yet to tackle because, even with both leaves inserted, our dining room table is still too small. But as I’ve gotten older, Read More

What If?

What if politicians – on both sides of the aisle – admitted when they were wrong, asked for forgiveness, cared more about democracy and the people than themselves? What if rather than puffing themselves up, making themselves feel important, they listened, truly listened to their constituents, to each other? Because in the midst of the chaos and noise and bedlam, what I keep hearing is most people claiming a desire to protect our democratic ways, Read More

52 in 52 week 50, 2020: Counted with the Stars

by Connilyn Cosette, fiction Cosette’s insightful view into the Biblical Exodus presents a freed slave’s perspective of the Hebrew’s departure. Full of pertinent historical detail, this story shows the heart’s tug toward freedom, the desire to protect loved ones, and the enormity of multitudes exiting Egypt while being led by a God some didn’t believe in.

52 in 52 week 46, 2020: The Printed Letter Bookshop

by Katherine Reay, fiction This story of friendship, forgiveness and finding one’s passion unfolds beautifully as three women face challenges from choices they’ve made. Sometimes the pacing/timeline was slightly confusing with multiple points of view, but overall this is well told and made me miss independent bookstores, want a shop like the one these characters inhabit.