kakalak 2021

Kakalak is open for submissions, and I encourage you to check them out and consider submitting your own work. I know I plan to submit mine. Here’s what you need to know: The Kakalak 2021 poetry and art contest is now open for submissions, and the deadline for submitting is May 23, 2021. Kakalak evokes the spirit of the Carolinas from the Outer Banks and Low Country to the Piedmont and Appalachia. Originally a regional Read More

reading in a changed world

I’ve always been a prolific reader, able to pick up and put down a book, read for a few minutes here, a few there, stay engaged in a story no matter how tiny my reading window. I’ve never needed a cozy corner, away from the brouhaha in order to concentrate. I’ve been known to stand at the stove, book in hand, eyes glued to the page while I stir sauce or soup or pasta. But Read More


I’ve always loved puzzles. Mystery, intrigue, figuring out the answer, creating order out of chaos. Particularly in adulthood I’ve become a fan of jigsaw puzzles. And for a long time, the harder the better. The largest one I’ve done so far is 4000 pieces. I have a 9000 piece one that I have yet to tackle because, even with both leaves inserted, our dining room table is still too small. But as I’ve gotten older, Read More

What If?

What if politicians – on both sides of the aisle – admitted when they were wrong, asked for forgiveness, cared more about democracy and the people than themselves? What if rather than puffing themselves up, making themselves feel important, they listened, truly listened to their constituents, to each other? Because in the midst of the chaos and noise and bedlam, what I keep hearing is most people claiming a desire to protect our democratic ways, Read More

win a brand new canon camera

I’ve taken classes with David Molnar and he’s a great instructor and often has lots of giveaways, including the one I just entered. If you’d like a chance to win the Canon R5 camera that just came out, the #1 camera in the world for photographers (according to David Molnar), go here. I have a sixteen-year-old Canon camera, but would love an upgrade. How about you?

kakalak 2020 available for pre-order

Kakalak 2020 is available for pre-order. I am honored to have my work in the upcoming issue. One poem of mine will be included, along with one of my photographs and I’m excited to see them in print come early December. The cover price is $15, but the current pre-order discount price is $9, (not including shipping or applicable sales tax). Place your order at the Main Street Rag online bookstore, or use this Kakalak Read More

happy holidays and things to come

This has been a doozy of a year for us. Here’s to looking forward, celebrating the people we love and who love us, and remembering the gift of a Savior. Coming up in 2020, I plan to revive 52 in 52 – 52 words each week for 52 weeks reviewing 52 books. I better get to reading! Wishing you and yours a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year. grace for each moment, one moment Read More

life after fostering baby a, part 2

*Continued from life after fostering baby a, part 1. At 8 o’clock on Tuesday morning, Baby A was taken to meet his family, introduced to strangers by strangers. And we were not allowed to be there to comfort him, to ease the transition. We were able, however, that afternoon to go meet his new family and eventually bring him home with us for the night. His caseworker’s supervisor met us in the lobby and told Read More