life after fostering baby a, part 1

*For those of you living this with us, you’ll know it’s actually been a couple weeks since Baby A left. However, I chose to keep the timeline intact as if it’s only been five days. It’s been one week since Baby A first met his family. Five days since we last held him, comforted him, kissed him goodbye. Five days of a black hole of information, not knowing how he is, if he’s sleeping well, Read More

saying goodbye to baby a

When Baby A is placed with his adoptive family next week he will have been with us five days shy of nine months. It feels like a lifetime. And in reality, it has virtually  been his entire lifetime, so far. I can only imagine the grief that is to come after we say our final goodbye. So much so, that I can’t find adequate words, any words, to express where my heart is right now. Read More

still holding on to baby a

Baby A is still with us, beyond the first week of June as I dreamed he would be. But there is finally movement toward placement. His new family knows about him. His agency, their agency, is waiting for ICPC approval before they set a placement date. I can only imagine how his family must feel, knowing he’s so close, growing, meeting milestones, while they wait on paperwork and forms. If I was in their shoes, Read More

baby a

We’re now well into April and our foster baby, Baby A, is still with us. At some point along the way he began to feel like my baby, my child. And yet I know I will have to let him go. The heartache I will experience, the loss Big J, Little J, and Little E will feel, brings to mind his birth mother. His birth father if he knows of Baby A’s existence. What must Read More

a rock running a marathon

“What’s that,” you ask? “How can a rock run?” Well, okay, I don’t mean it literally. You see, I am the rock. Or at least I’m supposed to be a rock, according to a parenting book I read not too long ago (okay, apparently it was back in June of last year, but it feels like not long ago). It talked about how our job as parents is to be grounded, stable, to be that Read More

kakalak 2018

Kakalak 2018 is available for pre-order. Once again I am honored to have my work in the upcoming issue. One poem of mine will be included, along with two of my photographs, one of which won the 2nd place art award. I’m excited to see them in print come December. The cover price is $15, but the current pre-order discount price is $9, (not including shipping or applicable sales tax). Place your order at the Read More

meeting Charles Martin

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite authors. Charles Martin was giving a book talk in a nearby town and I drove the couple hours to hear him and buy a copy of his latest book, Send Down the Rain. Though I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I know I’ll enjoy it. When I need my faith in the written word restored, I turn Read More

baby b

A few months ago we had a foster baby after a long baby-drought. For the first time, we brought home a little girl. Little E was over the moon, having lamented never having a baby girl to foster. We were told we would care for this tiny four-month old for about a week, allowing the seven days in which the birth mother has to change her mind to expire. We didn’t know the specifics of Read More

GranE’s art – cover art for counting colors

Now that my books are here I want to take a moment to let you know about the cover art. The original painting hangs on the wall in my house and is one of my favorites by the artist, Eunice Warfel. She has worked in several mediums, including this painting which is alcohol ink. I am continually amazed by what she is able to create, and even more than that, I am honored to have Read More

big book news

Late last summer, as my family was getting ready to head out the door, I checked my email on my phone before putting it away. As I thumbed through the junk mail, I noticed a message in my inbox for my address I use for all things writing related. Seeing it was from one of the publishers I had submitted my poetry manuscript to, I fully expected it to be my 7th form rejection. But Read More