for the vertically challenged

Many of you know I am not a tall woman. I stopped gaining height in eighth grade when all the boys started to surpass me, kept getting taller through high school and often on into college. But I never expected to be tall. My mom is a shorty, and my sister and I are just like Mom. Being short poses its challenges, especially when you factor in my extra ribs and the toll average-sized living Read More

gray hair and grandbabies

Recently, twice in one week in fact, I was asked if I’m the mom or grandma to my kiddos. I was 35 when Little J was born, so I suppose some might consider me a somewhat older mom. But not that old. I don’t color my hair and most days I wear little to no makeup. I have laugh lines around my eyes and the skin on my hands isn’t as taut as it used to be. Read More

progesterone to the rescue

For the past few weeks I’ve been using bioidentical natural progesterone cream to try to combat severe menopause symptoms. Because I am very sensitive to medications and hormones, I spent hours and hours researching. After becoming totally overwhelmed by conflicting information, I narrowed down my choices. NatPro, the cream I really wanted to try, and not available through Amazon, was out of stock, and I couldn’t bear to wait to see when it became available. Read More

kakalak 2017

Kakalak 2017 is available for pre-order. Once again I am honored to have my work included in the upcoming issue. This year I have one poem and two photographs and I’m excited to see them in print come December. The cover price is $15, but the current pre-order discount price is $9, (though neither price includes shipping or applicable sales tax which PayPal will add at checkout). Place your order at the Main Street Rag Read More

adoption training

Our first adoption training conference many years ago held little appeal for Big J and me. We chose our agency because of their passion, for their love for birth mothers in particular. Though we would have appreciated a little hand holding during our very long-awaited major life change, we had a support system. We appreciated the agency staff providing support for mothers facing an incredible decision. In spite of that, we found our agency a Read More

not my typical post – World Witness petition

Social Media Campaign to Help Andrew Brunson Andrew Brunson was arrested with his wife last October. She was released, but he was charged for working with a ter-group. Andrew has been a pastor in this place for over 20 years. The charges are bogus, but that often doesn’t matter. His wife just sent this request for people in the U.S.  For U.S. citizens willing to do something practical, a focused social media campaign is being Read More


I haven’t slept well for over a week. Big J’s job taking a toll on his time, suddenly, he has decided to wake early to exercise before heading to work. It’s annoying. Don’t get me wrong. I want him to be healthy. To take time to do the things he needs and wants to do. But waking to an alarm makes me angry. I only set an alarm if we’re leaving on a trip or Read More

photo fridays

For the next 52 weeks, a revamp of 52 in 52, I’ve decided to implement photo fridays. Starting tomorrow, fifty-two photos over the course of fifty-two weeks. Some will be from my archives. (I’m in the process of culling through my database and trying to delete a bunch before switching photo programs – it’s a long story, one of those technological things that makes me panic. So we won’t go there just now.) Others will Read More