I’ve always loved puzzles. Mystery, intrigue, figuring out the answer, creating order out of chaos. Particularly in adulthood I’ve become a fan of jigsaw puzzles. And for a long time, the harder the better. The largest one I’ve done so far is 4000 pieces. I have a 9000 piece one that I have yet to tackle because, even with both leaves inserted, our dining room table is still too small. But as I’ve gotten older, Read More

waiting and a writing life

If you’ve noticed my absence, I’ve been dealing with a rotator cuff injury lately. Partly due to carrying around Baby A before he left us – my aging body can’t handle the strain of a nine-month-old like it used to, but that’s another story. And also probably due to our minivan door’s motor that stopped working properly. Yanking it open and shoving it along the track to put Baby A in his car seat and Read More

bare on ChronicallyLit

Fifteen years ago I took my first personal interest writing class. At that point in my life it was more therapy than craft, and I wrote my first essay about journeying through infertility in that class. That essay, entitled bare, is finally published. You can find it on ChronciallyLit. grace for each moment, one moment at a time

thankful for this body

This is a re-post from a few years ago, but as the school year gets into gear and life spins us forward, I want to remember how thankful I truly am. Enjoy! Big J and I just got back from a homeschool conference, my mind and heart full of encouragement, ideas and hope for the year to come. The vendor hall buzzed with activity and we were able to look over a few things we Read More

on being vertically challenged

Recently Big J and I watched a Sci Fi show called Travelers where people from hundreds of years in the future are transported into bodies of people today (whose lives were about to end). An old man inhabits the body of a seventeen year old. A middle-aged woman becomes a woman living with cancer, her new body wracked with pain. Another woman’s consciousness takes over someone whose body and mind are impaired, who has been Read More

for the vertically challenged

Many of you know I am not a tall woman. I stopped gaining height in eighth grade when all the boys started to surpass me, kept getting taller through high school and often on into college. But I never expected to be tall. My mom is a shorty, and my sister and I are just like Mom. Being short poses its challenges, especially when you factor in my extra ribs and the toll average-sized living Read More

gray hair and grandbabies

Recently, twice in one week in fact, I was asked if I’m the mom or grandma to my kiddos. I was 35 when Little J was born, so I suppose some might consider me a somewhat older mom. But not that old. I don’t color my hair and most days I wear little to no makeup. I have laugh lines around my eyes and the skin on my hands isn’t as taut as it used to be. Read More

progesterone update

It’s been a few weeks now since I started the progesterone cream. After trial and error, I found I feel best around 350 mg per day. That’s seven pumps.  Morning, noon, and night. Granted, I am thankful the cream is helping, and smearing cream on my body is far from painful or uncomfortable. But I still have to remember to do it, still have to expose enough skin surface to apply the cream. There have Read More

progesterone to the rescue

For the past few weeks I’ve been using bioidentical natural progesterone cream to try to combat severe menopause symptoms. Because I am very sensitive to medications and hormones, I spent hours and hours researching. After becoming totally overwhelmed by conflicting information, I narrowed down my choices. NatPro, the cream I really wanted to try, and not available through Amazon, was out of stock, and I couldn’t bear to wait to see when it became available. Read More

when menopause declared war

Lately, I’ve read blog entries and articles about menopause, this transitional time to be embraced as a rite of passage, a right of womanhood. But menopause is not embracing me. It’s kicking me in the backside. There’s no idyllic shift from my childbearing years to a stage where I feel stronger, more independent, more womanly. In fact, I had no childbearing years. My body refused to do what it was made to do then. So Read More