kakalak 2021

Kakalak is open for submissions, and I encourage you to check them out and consider submitting your own work. I know I plan to submit mine. Here’s what you need to know: The Kakalak 2021 poetry and art contest is now open for submissions, and the deadline for submitting is May 23, 2021. Kakalak evokes the spirit of the Carolinas from the Outer Banks and Low Country to the Piedmont and Appalachia. Originally a regional Read More

reading in a changed world

I’ve always been a prolific reader, able to pick up and put down a book, read for a few minutes here, a few there, stay engaged in a story no matter how tiny my reading window. I’ve never needed a cozy corner, away from the brouhaha in order to concentrate. I’ve been known to stand at the stove, book in hand, eyes glued to the page while I stir sauce or soup or pasta. But Read More

52 in 52 week 50, 2020: Counted with the Stars

by Connilyn Cosette, fiction Cosette’s insightful view into the Biblical Exodus presents a freed slave’s perspective of the Hebrew’s departure. Full of pertinent historical detail, this story shows the heart’s tug toward freedom, the desire to protect loved ones, and the enormity of multitudes exiting Egypt while being led by a God some didn’t believe in.

52 in 52 week 46, 2020: The Printed Letter Bookshop

by Katherine Reay, fiction This story of friendship, forgiveness and finding one’s passion unfolds beautifully as three women face challenges from choices they’ve made. Sometimes the pacing/timeline was slightly confusing with multiple points of view, but overall this is well told and made me miss independent bookstores, want a shop like the one these characters inhabit.