progesterone update

It’s been a few weeks now since I started the progesterone cream. After trial and error, I found I feel best around 350 mg per day. That’s seven pumps.  Morning, noon, and night. Granted, I am thankful the cream is helping, and smearing cream on my body is far from painful or uncomfortable. But I still have to remember to do it, still have to expose enough skin surface to apply the cream. There have Read More

progesterone to the rescue

For the past few weeks I’ve been using bioidentical natural progesterone cream to try to combat severe menopause symptoms. Because I am very sensitive to medications and hormones, I spent hours and hours researching. After becoming totally overwhelmed by conflicting information, I narrowed down my choices. NatPro, the cream I really wanted to try, and not available through Amazon, was out of stock, and I couldn’t bear to wait to see when it became available. Read More

when menopause declared war

Lately, I’ve read blog entries and articles about menopause, this transitional time to be embraced as a rite of passage, a right of womanhood. But menopause is not embracing me. It’s kicking me in the backside. There’s no idyllic shift from my childbearing years to a stage where I feel stronger, more independent, more womanly. In fact, I had no childbearing years. My body refused to do what it was made to do then. So Read More