counting colors and those beyond infertility

Last fall my mom had a table at an annual craft show to sell her amazing artwork, and since her painting is on the cover of my book I decided to tag along with a few of my books for sale. I didn’t really expect to sell any, and this introvert isn’t good at marketing my own work, but all it cost me was time with my mom and helping her with her customers. A Read More

when books don’t sell

Recently, I spent a few days at a writing conference in the Blue Ridge mountains. One of the options presented to published authors was to bring books to sell in the conference bookstore. Though my book is poetry, and poetry generally doesn’t sell well, I decided to take several copies of Counting Colors along. Never having had a book published before, it felt strange and at the same time kind of wonderful to mention I had a Read More

a loss for words

Ever since the publication of Counting Colors was set in motion, I’ve felt a strange inability to write. Obviously, I’m physically capable, but forming words into sentences, and then sentences into coherent paragraphs, has been laborious. Every word is hard fought. Holding my book in my hands, seeing my words on each page, and knowing I created this collection of words, is surreal. Exciting, yes. And also bizarre. I know I at one point was Read More

GranE’s art – cover art for counting colors

Now that my books are here I want to take a moment to let you know about the cover art. The original painting hangs on the wall in my house and is one of my favorites by the artist, Eunice Warfel. She has worked in several mediums, including this painting which is alcohol ink. I am continually amazed by what she is able to create, and even more than that, I am honored to have Read More

counting colors in tangible form

My proof copy of Counting Colors arrived in the mail on Monday afternoon, more than a week before anticipated. I let out a small squeal when I opened the package and found my book, my very own creation in tangible form, all sleek and shiny. Though I knew to expect it, holding it in my hands is, for lack of a better description, surreal. My family is excited along with me. And my writing buddies share Read More