A few things I’m thankful for today: Big J and his generosity in big ways and small, and the way he bribes me with foot rubs. Little J and his budding sense of humor, and the way he still sits in my lap to read his own book (while I’m reading one to myself) even though I can barely see over his head. Little E and her secret projects before each holiday or birthday, her Read More

baked oatmeal

Maybe you haven’t ever heard of baked oatmeal. I first remember having it when my family had breakfast at my aunt’s house. When Big J and I first married, it was a cheap and easy go-to meal. My kids love baked oatmeal and they are great helpers. And though it may resemble a dessert more than a healthy bowl of fruit, I do make it every now and then. It’s super simple. And you can Read More

have-it-your-way granola bars

Part of our home school days involve working in the kitchen. How better to learn about math and science, improve reading skills, learn to work as a team? One thing we enjoy are homemade granola bars. Mind you, they don’t hold together as well as the store bought version, but they are fun to make and quite tasty. Feel free to substitute ingredients to your taste. Try almond butter if you prefer. Substitute raisins or Read More