What If?

What if politicians – on both sides of the aisle – admitted when they were wrong, asked for forgiveness, cared more about democracy and the people than themselves? What if rather than puffing themselves up, making themselves feel important, they listened, truly listened to their constituents, to each other? Because in the midst of the chaos and noise and bedlam, what I keep hearing is most people claiming a desire to protect our democratic ways, Read More

trust in the time of coronavirus

Other than my 52 in 52, I haven’t written much recently. My head has been down, focused on getting through each day with its new challenges and blessings. A pandemic wasn’t in any of our imaginings of spring, I don’t think. But that is where we find ourselves, even if some still somehow believe it’s a hoax. We are sequestered, distanced from loved ones, jobs, activities. Confronted with finding new ways to communicate, maintain music Read More

life after fostering baby a, part 2

*Continued from life after fostering baby a, part 1. At 8 o’clock on Tuesday morning, Baby A was taken to meet his family, introduced to strangers by strangers. And we were not allowed to be there to comfort him, to ease the transition. We were able, however, that afternoon to go meet his new family and eventually bring him home with us for the night. His caseworker’s supervisor met us in the lobby and told Read More

life after fostering baby a, part 1

*For those of you living this with us, you’ll know it’s actually been a couple weeks since Baby A left. However, I chose to keep the timeline intact as if it’s only been five days. It’s been one week since Baby A first met his family. Five days since we last held him, comforted him, kissed him goodbye. Five days of a black hole of information, not knowing how he is, if he’s sleeping well, Read More

saying goodbye to baby a

When Baby A is placed with his adoptive family next week he will have been with us five days shy of nine months. It feels like a lifetime. And in reality, it has virtually  been his entire lifetime, so far. I can only imagine the grief that is to come after we say our final goodbye. So much so, that I can’t find adequate words, any words, to express where my heart is right now. Read More

thankful for this body

This is a re-post from a few years ago, but as the school year gets into gear and life spins us forward, I want to remember how thankful I truly am. Enjoy! Big J and I just got back from a homeschool conference, my mind and heart full of encouragement, ideas and hope for the year to come. The vendor hall buzzed with activity and we were able to look over a few things we Read More

when books don’t sell

Recently, I spent a few days at a writing conference in the Blue Ridge mountains. One of the options presented to published authors was to bring books to sell in the conference bookstore. Though my book is poetry, and poetry generally doesn’t sell well, I decided to take several copies of Counting Colors along. Never having had a book published before, it felt strange and at the same time kind of wonderful to mention I had a Read More

counting colors in tangible form

My proof copy of Counting Colors arrived in the mail on Monday afternoon, more than a week before anticipated. I let out a small squeal when I opened the package and found my book, my very own creation in tangible form, all sleek and shiny. Though I knew to expect it, holding it in my hands is, for lack of a better description, surreal. My family is excited along with me. And my writing buddies share Read More

a week in the life of a stranger

The summer before my senior year of high school I spent a week in Dayton, OH, with my youth group. On this mission trip we helped repair homes for a couple families. At one of the homes I met a girl close to my age. Her name was Kim. Her dark, straight hair hung in her face against her brown skin. She wore faded sweatpants in the middle of summer. A rain barrel with rusty Read More


A few things I’m thankful for today: Big J and his generosity in big ways and small, and the way he bribes me with foot rubs. Little J and his budding sense of humor, and the way he still sits in my lap to read his own book (while I’m reading one to myself) even though I can barely see over his head. Little E and her secret projects before each holiday or birthday, her Read More