52 in 52

I’m about to embark on something new and a little scary. Those who frequent this blog know that my posts aren’t all that, well, frequent. I try to post at least once a month, which shouldn’t

file000786402730be that hard. But figuring out how to say what I want to say, and how to know what’s important enough is hard. Because I often feel if it isn’t super important, what’s the point. (I know, you may think recipes aren’t all that important, but, hey, we’ve all got to eat.)

In the spirit of consistency, and taking on a challenge inspired by a fellow writer who wrote a forty-three word post every day for a year, next week I’m starting what I’m calling 52 in 52.

Fifty-two blog entries in fifty-two weeks, fifty-two words each.

I have no idea how this will play out. I may fail miserably. But I’ll never know unless I try. As for topic, I’ve decided to write these as mini book reviews, if you will. I’m horrible at summarizing. Just ask Big J. And I’m not very good at book reviews. It’s virtually impossible for me to give a resounding thumbs-up to a book, or rate it with a certain number of stars.

I usually read at least three or four books a month, mostly fiction, and I enjoy reading, being transported, inspired, enlightened. But it’s hard for me to say I loved a book, flat out. I may love the premise and the story line, but not the characters. Or love the character development and the world created, but the not the story line. Or enjoy the use of metaphor, but not the overall writing style. You get the idea. So fitting a sense of each book and my thoughts into fifty-two words, and keeping at it every week, will be a huge challenge for me. But one I’m going to take. If you have any suggestions of books I should read, send them my way.

Hope you enjoy!

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