progesterone to the rescue

For the past few weeks I’ve been using bioidentical natural progesterone cream to try to combat severe menopause symptoms. Because I am very sensitive to medications and hormones, I spent hours and hours researching. After becoming totally overwhelmed by conflicting information, I narrowed down my choices.

NatPro, the cream I really wanted to try, and not available through Amazon, was out of stock, and I couldn’t bear to wait to see when it became available. So I scoured more ingredient lists, which is much more of a challenge than it should be. The AllVia Progensa 20 had decent Amazon reviews, and from what I could find it seemed like one with fewer offensive sounding ingredients from others. As a Prime member, I could get it in two days and I was desperate.

Many sites I read recommend between 20 and 40 mg per day, but some suggest that doses as high as 500 to 600 each day are needed, at least initially. With no clear dosage instructions on the bottle and a lack of direction from my doctor, other than progesterone cream as one of several possible options, I began cautiously.

One 20 mg pump is about the size of the top joint of one of my fingers. I rubbed it between my palms as directed and smeared it across my upper chest and neck. It felt sticky, but I hoped it would absorb quickly and I went about my day layering, un-layering, shivering and sweating. By the end of the day my skin still felt sticky and the feeling didn’t go away until I showered.

After a few days of using the cream, and upping my dose, I was frustrated. At only five feet tall, my entire epidermis hardly offered enough surface area to rotate the application site as many professionals suggest, and the cream left me feeling tacky, as if I was sweaty all the time. Okay, so I was sweaty a lot from the extreme hot flashes, but I didn’t need to add to that feeling.

In addition, as I read the ingredient list, it didn’t appear as simple as the one I found online (full disclosure – Amazon does state the ingredient list is subject to change). There had to be a natural progesterone cream without the all-day stickiness and with fewer, better ingredients. Again, I checked for NatPro, but it was still out of stock.

Then I found Organic Excellence, available from Amazon via Prime. Though natural remedies are known to take a while to start working, I had upped my dose to four pumps per day (80 mg) with little to no impact. When the Organic Excellence arrived, I upped my dose again. This new cream had a simple list of ingredients and lacked the sticky quality of the AllVia. I liked it, but in order to get the more than 200mg per day I was beginning to think I needed, I’d have to us 10 pumps each day! I might as well bathe in it at that rate. There simply isn’t enough skin surface on my 60 inches to accomplish that dose otherwise.

Then I received an email letting me know NatPro was back in stock. Hesitant to spend money on yet another bottle, I reviewed my research, overwhelming my sleep-deprived brain yet again, and finally gave in and placed an order. I worried about a lengthy process without Prime shipping, since this isn’t available through Amazon, but my order arrived quickly.

I was so pleased with the consistency, so muck like the Organic Excellence, but at 50mg per pump I got more than twice the dose in one pump. Taking advantage of the more concentrated cream, I upped my dose to 300mg, six pumps per day. Two in the morning. Two in the afternoon. And two at bedtime.

It’s been almost a week since I started this higher dose, and though I don’t enjoy smearing my body three times a day, it is helping. I’m waking an average of three times each night, down from five, six, or more. My hot flashes are much less severe. I get hot, but I’m no longer dripping with sweat, and though I get cold still, I’m not shivering from the inside out. And today I barely had to un-layer. Maybe six times or so.

I’m looking forward to better and better sleep and even more comfortable days. I know I’ll have to continue to tweak my dosage, and I may have to divert some of what I’d rather spend on chocolate to bottles of NatPro, but for now it’s worth it. I’ll take whatever reprieve I’m offered for as long as it lasts.

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