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Late last summer, as my family was getting ready to head out the door, I checked my email on my phone before putting it away. As I thumbed through the junk mail, I noticed a message in my inbox for my address I use for all things writing related. Seeing it was from one of the publishers I had submitted my poetry manuscript to, I fully expected it to be my 7th form rejection.

But as I stood from my chair and read the first line I gasped. Not believing I read the first line correctly, I handed my phone to Big J.

“What does that say?” I asked.

I don’t remember his exact response, but he confirmed what I couldn’t quite believe it said. “Thank you for your excellent poetry submission…I would love to publish your book!”

Little J and Little E were so excited for me, exuberant in their reaction, as if this was their own accomplishment. And Big J was (and still is) so proud of me. I hardly knew how to respond.

In a daze, we left for my parents’ house for our standing Saturday night dinner date. I don’t know how many times I read the email, and I’m sure my face wore the stunned joy I felt. I managed to sit through supper and, hopefully, engage in conversation before I looked back at my phone, the attached contract, the things required of me to make this happen.

My family was so excited for me, wanted to know details almost as much as I did. My mom and dad have lived through much of our infertility and adoption journey with us, and this collection of poems, Counting Colors, chronicles that journey.

I am humbled and overjoyed to see my manuscript come into physical being (available in early May) and for you to have a deeper glimpse into my heart and mind.

I’ll keep you posted.

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