Preparing for Spring

Recently, Little J and Little E and I spent time digging holes around our house to plant bulbs. We live in a part of the country that doesn’t have dirt. We have clay and rocks and roots, which all make digging that much more challenging. But my kids are growing, are not so little anymore, so are able to wield a shovel or a pickax in order to break up the soil, make a dent deep enough to insert a bulb, plant what will grow into a daffodil or tulip or crocus.

Last fall we spent hours digging along our driveway to plant bulbs, hoping by spring that all the effort would be worth it. And in early spring we witnessed the first sprigs of green emerging, then leaves unfurled and blossoms appeared. From my perspective, well worth the sweat and sore muscles that, until last week had become distant memory. Now we remember why we bemoaned the work, the aching muscles, the lack of anything to show for our effort for months afterward.

But next spring, I hope, we will once again revel in the glory of new growth, the miracle of something that looks like a rock or lump of dirt springing into something beautiful that will feed my soul, whether or not my not-so-little boy feels the same about flowers.

He’s at the age where he’s focused on electronics, which we limit in our house. But that doesn’t stop him from always thinking and asking about it. He’s not one to volunteer to go outside unless we make him. Once he’s outside, though, he realizes that he does enjoy it.

In fact, when digging and toiling and sweating, he commented about how satisfying it is to work hard, how good it makes you feel. And that, to my momma’s heart, is worth far more that any flowers that may bloom come spring. Because don’t we all want our children to realize the joy of working hard, even if the moment is fleeting?

grace for each moment, one moment at a time

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