stuck in midair with Sarah

Welcome, Sarah, to myferriswheel. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with the world. Sarah Johnson is a wife and mother who homeschools her kids, enjoys arranging flowers, powerlifting, playing the trumpet, and occasionally works as a nurse practitioner in her spare time. You can find her on FB (Craig-Sarah Wilson Johnson) or reach her at What specific hurdles into parenthood have you faced and what does your family look like today? When Read More

moonShine review and me

No, I don’t drink moonshine. But I do take photographs. This month I have the privilege of being the featured photographer in moonShine review. It was a lot of fun culling through photos, choosing what to submit, and then finding out which photographs were selected for publication. Head on over to moonShine review’s website to order your copy for the literature and photography lover in your life. Or just order one for yourself. grace for Read More

stuck in midair with Kimberly

Welcome, Kimberly, to myferriswheel. Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with the world. Kimberly is just beginning to emerge from the baby-induced brain-fog of the past seven years, and hopes to someday take up where she left off at (truth and grace in marriage) and (the journey from infertility to parenthood). She is also a freelance writer and editor, is blessed with a husband who also is a great father, but Read More

ferris wheel: stuck in midair

Since the arrival of Counting Colors, I have encountered many women who have been impacted by infertility, loss, or adoption. And many of them have expressed the fact that they don’t feel understood, don’t feel they have a voice. Grief and hard places can be isolating, can make you feel stuck, like a Ferris wheel arcing up and around only to stop at a place you don’t want to be, dangling you in midair, perhaps Read More

thankful for this body

This is a re-post from a few years ago, but as the school year gets into gear and life spins us forward, I want to remember how thankful I truly am. Enjoy! Big J and I just got back from a homeschool conference, my mind and heart full of encouragement, ideas and hope for the year to come. The vendor hall buzzed with activity and we were able to look over a few things we Read More

kakalak 2018

Kakalak 2018 is available for pre-order. Once again I am honored to have my work in the upcoming issue. One poem of mine will be included, along with two of my photographs, one of which won the 2nd place art award. I’m excited to see them in print come December. The cover price is $15, but the current pre-order discount price is $9, (not including shipping or applicable sales tax). Place your order at the Read More

being an introvert at a writers conference

Not long ago, I sat on a hotel bed, a pillow propped in my lap, my fingers tapping on my iPad keyboard. Tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains, my brain headed toward overload. It was the first full day of the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference, and the evening keynote the night before already felt like days ago. Many people liken attending a conference to drinking from a fire hose, and it’s true. Read More

on being vertically challenged

Recently Big J and I watched a Sci Fi show called Travelers where people from hundreds of years in the future are transported into bodies of people today (whose lives were about to end). An old man inhabits the body of a seventeen year old. A middle-aged woman becomes a woman living with cancer, her new body wracked with pain. Another woman’s consciousness takes over someone whose body and mind are impaired, who has been Read More

when books don’t sell

Recently, I spent a few days at a writing conference in the Blue Ridge mountains. One of the options presented to published authors was to bring books to sell in the conference bookstore. Though my book is poetry, and poetry generally doesn’t sell well, I decided to take several copies of Counting Colors along. Never having had a book published before, it felt strange and at the same time kind of wonderful to mention I had a Read More

meeting Charles Martin

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet one of my favorite authors. Charles Martin was giving a book talk in a nearby town and I drove the couple hours to hear him and buy a copy of his latest book, Send Down the Rain. Though I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, I know I’ll enjoy it. When I need my faith in the written word restored, I turn Read More